Submitting an Ad or Event Announcement to the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews

Connect to the Form for Submitting Ads, News or Event Announcements to the: Mid-Atlantic DanceNews
First tho, take a minute to scan the Guidelines below for Free Ads.

Free and Fee Based Listings:
Many events are listed free on the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews, whereas longer term "Standing Ads" are fee based. The Free ads are posted the Friday before the week the event takes place and then in the Monday, Wednesday and the Friday editions the week the event takes place.   Thus, Sponsors that wish to have extended listing of an event should consider the Fee Based listings which range from $35 to $65 per month depending on location and whether the advertizer is a sponsor of the Mid-Atlantic DanceNet Web Site.

The Fee Based "Standing Ads" have advantages of course:
     While the Free ads are posted for a week or so...
1.  "Standing Ads" may be whenever an advertiser wishes for whatever period is contracted.
2.  You, the advertiser have control over the content in Fee Based listings.
3.  Events that would not appear in the free postings will be accepted in the Fee Based listings.

 Format for Event Submission:
All events submitted to the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews MUST contain the following information:
* Organization sponsoring the event and the date & title of the event
* A description including the start time, activites, lessons, contests, perfomances, etc. and the type of dancing and music to be expected, the cost of the event and thelocation of the event.
* An Event web address and Event eMail address and other contact info where more information can be found about the event.
Note: failure to provide the above information may delay posting of your submission.

Guidelines for Free Event and Charity Announcement Listings:
1.  Events for the free postings should be submitted by thursday of the week before the event date to get full exposure to the 4500 Mid-Atlantic DanceNet Subscribers.

2. Free Events must be appropriate for DANCE News.  The Event MUST involve Dancing for the patrons, with the exception of partner Dance Music: plays and movies about partner Dancing.

3.  Any event submitted for posting may be edited by the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews editor.  By submitting an event to the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews, you agree that the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews can edit the content of your submission for space or superflous words, as deemed appropriate by the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews editor.

Charity Events
The Mid-Atlantic DanceNews is eagerto list events that are charitable in nature.  Charity events MAY be listed as a Fee Based "Standing Ad" (at significant discounts or even free) listings in return for promotional or other considerations such as mentioning The Mid-Atlantic DanceNet in communications to members, and placing a link to The Mid-Atlantic DanceNet on your website.